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Items Description:

This wall-mounted styling station is a multifunctional workstation with ample storage. It is European contemporary style design. The streamline design makes it a beautiful look in just about any salon. The station frame is made from particle board. The particle board surface is veneered in slick uniform black/red color. The veneer decorative board increases the brightness of the surface, protects the surface from worn, and is easy to clean.

  • This station comes in three pieces -- top shelf, mid cabinet, and bottom cabinet.
  • This station is made from particle board.
  • The surface veneered in slick uniform black/brown color – for beauty, resistant from worn, and easy for cleaning.
  • Half body mirror included
  • 3 Drawers -- one is lockable to provide a secure storage for your valuables.
  • 3 Shelves to present or to store products.
  • 1 big storage at the bottom
  • 3 reinforced hot tool holsters -- For easy handling of heated items, such as store irons, blow-dryers, and other  heated tools.
  • Damper Hinge Door----Even if you slam the door, it will also make the door gently shut and make sure the movement is slow and quiet.
  • Easy to install (assembly required).
  • Top cabinet
  • Middle Station
  • Bottom cabinet
  • Half body mirrors

Item Specifications

  • Type : 6154-3046
  • Color : Black/Brown
  • Material : Particle Board
  • Shelf Dimention : 9.9"W x 12.2"H x 7"D
  • Drawer Dimention (Inner) : 9.2"W x 10.9"D x 3"H; 19.7"W x 9.5" Dx 3.7"H
  • Cabinet Dimention (Inner) : 9.9"W x 21.3"H x 11.9"D
  • reinforced hot tool holsters Dimension : 2 x 2"; 1 x 3"
  • Overall Station Dimensions : 58.2"W x 70"H x 13.2"D

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