BarberPub Locking Beauty Salon Storage Station Cabinet Hair Dryer Holder Stylist Equipment Drawer 2021

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Item Description:

This Locking Station is made out of durable, metal reinforced particle board. The particle board (Melamine Faced Board) surface is veneered in slick uniform black/white color. The veneer decorative board increases the brightness of the surface, protects the surface from worn, and is easy to clean. Also if you desire, lock it for easy and secure storage.


  • Easy to install (assembly required)
  • This station is made from particle board. Laminated durable melamine surface which is stain, heat and scratch resistant
  • Five reinforced hot tool holster -- Built into the angled top, for easy handling of heated items, such as store irons, blow-dryers, and other heated tools.
  • Two pullout drawers &One cabinet at the bottom tools & accessories storage
  • Perfect Drawer Slide----The drawer slide comes with a lubricant and easy to pull and push.
  • Damper Hinge Door----Even if you slam the door, it will also make the door gently shut and make sure the movement is slow and quiet.


Item Specifications:

  • Type : 6154-2021
  • Color :Black/White  
  • Material : Particle Board  (Melamine Faced Board)
  • 5 cubicles for two specifications Dimension : 3* 2.17" & 2* 2.95"
  • Drawer Dimension (Inner) : 14.17"L x 9.45"W x 4.92"H
  • Cabinet Dimension (Inner) : 16.45"L x 12.20"W x 18.11"H
  • Overall Station Dimensions : 28.9"L x 13.8"W x 38.2"H

About the product

  • Easy to install (assembly required)
  • Laminated durable melamine surface which is stain, heat and scratch resistant
  • This station is made from particle board
  • Tubs are easily to be cleaned
  • THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: We promise that any questions will be replied within 24 hours.

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