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Item Description:

This wall-mounted styling station is a multifunctional workstation with ample storage. Designed in European modern style, this fair shaped product fits perfectly in just about any salon. This station’s frame is made from particle board with the surface smoothly veneered in black. Either set in salon or at your own home, the scratch resistant , easy clean surface will always impress anyone sits in front of it. In addition to its fancy look, this station is surprisingly effective at storing items. Spacious cabinet and drawers and shelves suits all your storage purposes. Tool holsters on the surface let you easily set your dryers and irons.

Item Features:
  • This station is made from particle board.
  • All our items come with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. During this time, we will assist in replacing any items deemed damaged due to whether shipping or manufacturing.
  • The surface smoothly veneered in black, worn resisting material, you don’t have to worry about stain or scratch
  • The station has a 3-storage shelf, mid cabinet with 2 drawers, and one large bottom cabinet. You can organize your items and decorate your room with your creativity.
  • 3 reinforced heat resisting tool holsters for easy handling of heated items, such as store irons, blow-dryers, and other heated tools.
  • Damper Hinge Door----Even if you slam the door, it will always gently shut, slow and quiet.
  • We will pack the item in its best condition and add buffers in the box to protect it from shipping damages. Once packaged, items will be safely sent to you in a very fast delivery service.
  • Easy installation (assembly required).
  • This station comes in three boxes -- top shelf, mid cabinet, and bottom cabinet.
Item Specifications:
  • Type: 6154-3056
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Particle Board
  • Shelf Dimension: 17.2"W x 12.9"H x 7"D
  • Mirror Dimension: 29.5"L x 39.0"H
  • Drawer Dimension (Inner): 14.8"W x 9.4"D x 3"H; 19.7"W x 9.5" D x 3.7"H
  • Cabinet Dimension (Inner): 17.1"W x 26.6"H x 11.8"D
  • 3 reinforced tool holsters Dimension: 2 x 2"; 1 x 3"
  • Overall Station Dimension: 48"W x 75.6"H x 13.4"D
  • Gross/Net Weight: 142/134lbs
  • Assembly Required: Yes

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After nearly ten years of business progress and brand upgrade, BarberPub has been widely recognized by customers. Our goal is to bring customers cost-effective and high-value products with satisfactory customer service. In order to better supplying our U.S.A customers, we have distribution centers.

Customer Reviews

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Great station!

Love this station so much. It’s very sturdy and lovely. The only thing I have a problem with is the lock on the drawer, it’s hard to lock because the drawer has to sit just perfectly to lock. The other thing that would make it better is a lock on the door also. I only keep a few items out because things left unattended invite thieves. I would prefer to have a lock on both the drawer and the door. Other than that, the station is perfect and easy to keep clean.