BarberPub Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Salon Beauty Spa Styling Chair Black , Floor Mat 8803BK&0020BK

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Product Description:

This is a simple and practical combination, a hydraulic chair plus a beautiful non-slip salon pad, is definitely an essential combination of your barber shop.


  • Suitable for Barbershop, Beauty Salons, Tattoo Shop, and more.
  • Classic styling with modern flair, Long service life, High quality workmanship,Unmatched Reliability.
  • Ergonomic Design, providing comfort and support to the low back.
  • Easy to install (some assembly required).
  • High Quality Faux Leather--Textured satin finish is waterproof ,stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Closed Cell High Density Foam---provides extra comfort.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame--More durable and stronger than aluminum with increased weight capacity.
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump--Simple height adjustment over a 6'' range.
  • 360°Swivel and Lock--360 Swivel with locking mechanism provides versatility.
  • Square--Classic barber chair base provides stability and is easy to clean.
  • Comfort T-Footrest--offers extra support for your feet and permits easy rotation.
  • Double-reinforced Saddle Sticking--Prevents a classic look while preventing damage to the leather.
  • Floor Mat:1/2" thick for maximum comfort; Easy to clean; Made with highest grade PU leather Not with cheap foam; Design for flexibility to fit a work space, allowing plenty of maneuvering room.

Item Specifications:

  • Type: 6154-8803BK-0020BK
  • Color: Black
  • Package Include:A Barber Chair+ A Floor Mat


  • Material: Steel Frame/Faux Leather.
  • Chair Size: 22" (L) x 25.4" (W) x 35.4" (H)
  • Seat Size: 18" (L) x 20" (W).
  • Backrest Size: 18.5" (L) x 17.75" (W).
  • Adjustable Height(from ground to the top): 35.4" to 41.4".
  • Footrest length: 12".
  • Loading capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Net/Gross Weight: 55/60 lbs.


  • Floor Mat Size : 3"x 5"
  • Mat Thickness : 1/2"
  • Net weight/Gross weight : 7 lb /12lb
  • One Box Include:23"x 21"x 16"

About BarberPub

After nearly ten years of business progress and brand upgrade, BarberPub has been widely recognized by customers. Our goal is to bring customers cost-effective and high-value products with satisfactory customer service. In order to better supplying our U.S.A customers, we have distribution centers.


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