Barberpub 2in1 23L UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet Facial Skin Spa Massage Hair Beauty Salon Equipment TOS08

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Item Description:

This Towel Warmer & Sterilizer fits perfectly in Barbershops, Beauty Salons, Tattoo Shops, and more.The heater warms towels up to 176degrees Fahrenheit. While heating, A powerful UV lamp can be switched on to kill most bacteria. A removable drip tray is included under the cabinet door to protect your floor from getting wet. The unit also has a removable wire shelf where towels are neatly stored, removing the shelf will make room larger inside. Excellent quality of this product garantee thorough & evenly warming of both traditional and disposable towels.


  • Wide Range of Uses:This towel warmer is Suitable for Barbershop, Beauty Salons, Tattoo Shop, and more.
  • 2 in 1 Multifuction: This product has two functions:warmer and sterilize;These two functions can work at the same time to improve work efficiency and no waste of your precious time;Only one button is more easier to use. The heater utilizes 210-watts of heating power to warm towels to up to 176-degrees Fahrenheit. The powerful & chemical UV light from integrated UV lamp can kill most bacteria for sanitary safety.
  • Humanitarian Design :Including seperated switch for UV lamp & warmer, removeble drip tray and removeble towel shelf. Even the UV lamp can be manually replaced easily. Also,this product is equipped with micro-computer heating temperature control device and mounted with a over hot protection system, only by pressing down the starting knot, its temperature will automatically rise and when the inner temperature arrives to the given level, the program will automatically work to keep the temperature
  • UV Sterilizer&High capacity:This product from BarberPub heats up your towels to 176-degrees kill most bacteria in short period of time,50-60 towels can be placed inside(Depends on the size of the towels), hence the amazing capability.
  • Professional Service:We will pack the item in its best condiction and add buffers in the box to protect it from shipping damages.Also,all of our items come with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty. During this time we will replace and/or assist in repairing any items deemed damaged during shipping or defective from the manufacturer.Please feel free to contact us if the products raise any issue, we are always happy to help.

Item Specifications:

  • Power:210W
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Capacity:23L
  • Exterior Dimension: 17.7''(W) x11.4"(D)x13.8(H)"
  • Tray Size:14.6"(L) x 7.3"(W)
  • Insulation temperature:140℉-176℉
  • Material:Stainless Steel and ABS

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